Sometimes I wish my life was a fairytale
Where my dreams always come true
Where everything I ever want is there
Where I could make my always sky blue

I could place flowers where I want
Were I could choose were I want to live
I could live in my own house
And show those who never did believe

Where what I thought would
Become a most certain reality around
Where pain was not a word
And music the only sound

Where the sun always shines
And rainbows magically in the sky
Where love is not only a word
Where there is no need to cry

Where I have no more wishes
Because all my dreams are true
But though this may never happen
I have all I could want because I got you

You are my dream my hearts desire
My fairytale come true
You’re my home, my sunshine, my blue sky
Everything I ever wanted I found in you
Foxy 08

by foxy babii

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