SN (12-06-1958 / Nellore, Andhra Pradesh)


I have a dream
that a mermaid realm
from deep in ocean main
is wooing me to swim
in an ecstatic élan
clasping to their bosom.

I have a dream
that someone is humming
from a celestial realm
to come and dine
with them in the halos
of angelic aureols.

Let me yarn these whims.
It's my right to dream,
my well-cherished regime it far from realism;
I'll be happy to resign
from this unromantic pragmatism.

by Sathya Narayana

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Comments (11)

what a lovely dream. i hope you can stay in your dream world and enjoy those magical moments in them.
....thoughtful expression indeed.......10
a deep thoughts..nicely written and to read...thanks for sharing Ency Bearis
Thanks for your message. I very much liked this poem. You have a true poet's soul (tell me where I can pick one up!)
even one moment of bliss in whichever form is worth living...we don't really know wht real or wht's false...then y conclude?
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