TS (05 April 1985 / Tezpur)


slowly blowin wind
playing with brown leaves
took me to a muddy path
accompanied with blossoms
colored in red, yellow and greens

a faint light emerged
bringing a picture of houses
small, big, of stones, of mud, of wood and bar
a small village
name was castellum

a tall, strong built lad
shook my hand
he welcomed me
and gave a toast
it's true nothing to boast

we plunged deep inside
I saw 'em
dancing, singing, crying, competing
building, farming, eating, sleeping
gossiping, planning, lifting, falling

the lane was flooded
of love, passion, freedom, artisans
c i v i l i s a t i o n they made
Charlie, the gentlemen
revealed the culture then

unbelievable! !
you kin do what you like
you kin eat where you want
you kin speak to whom you thought
no currency need above all

natives marry their love
children learn their passion
youth work for every one
artists grow day and night
elders bless with content and pride

there is only one law
you are free to your life
lit the spirit the way you like
don't worry ladies cook to feed the appetite
to you, to me, to cindy and to catherene

bejamin became doctor
to cure every kith and kin
nancy sings for anyone
to let you come out of dark evil
they speak truth and lie is a word they use in poems

marry draw sketches
of moon and roses
uncle fred kin teach you
how beer is made rich to the taste
we culture everyday before we sleep any place we broke

there 're scientists, geologists and anthropologists
'ier passion is to build, to save and to quest
for benefit of me, of you and every being
they born, they die, but they hardly got sick
they shout, they cry, but in name of art

the only thing we care
is food for every belly
and need of every tissue
we care for each other
doesn't matter who are you

there are church, temples and thought schools
but it's to strengthen all rational views
it's not your home, my bunglow and neighbours crew
but it's all about beautiful wooden longe and that's stone hedge
different styles of house we brew

their are postal orders too
carrying name of the gentleman or woman
I too can be the messenger
it can be you too
but the mail'll reach the destination that is all for we strive through

Live and enjoy
culture your self
tell me if I kin help you
I am a swimmer
come if you like to

I said - ' I am a lost one'
searching myself
kin any one help
'then stay here and dream'
it's the first step to culture yourself

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Rudyard Kipling


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