He closed his eyes to make the room dark
But a dream brightened up room like a spark
Bringing back boyhood years he thought never to return
Showing him back at school, studying and other routines
Soon that dream, in room, went out of sight
He woke up, looked, but saw nothing around He closed his eyes again and pondered -- what next
And another dream came on in bright daylight
This time showing him as a youngling out in the world
Wondering where his next meal would be if job not found
Then in a flash the frightened dream just disappeared
And he woke up with a deep sigh after a fright Again his eyes closed in hope to see a dream much better
An object loomed in dream and his eyes blurred with tears
As an old man showed up with gray hair and dragging
His sagged shoulders and knotty fingers showed him aging
And he really felt old as the dream finally concluded
And he woke up sweating and felt a little cold

by Marshall N. Butler

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