AFA ( / General Santos City)


You’re so close to me and so am I with you
We laugh together and share everything too
Seem where more than friend’s people would say
But I know this is just a dream and some kind of fantasy

I have always remembered since I found you
Though its impossible tome to reach you nor touch you
My mind my heart longs for your love and I really cant deny

You filled my heart with happiness every time you glance at my way
I fell contented inside whenever I catch you in my sigh
When I see you coming, I start going crazy
I never felt this way before never that I used to be

You hold my hand and I feel like close to heaven
I’m always lost for words when you call out my name
But the fact that I can’t have you will remain and never change
For I can only have you in my dreams
Never in the world of real..

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