last night you came in my dream
a dream I have seen never before
not even in my adolescent days

as if we were lost in the garden of love
like Adam and Eve
totally unaware of the outside world
` forgetful about the poisonous serpents all around
the greed the lust the vagaries of human life

we were charmed by the fragrance of flowers the south wind played tricks on us
the moonlight cast a spell on us both
and we continued to make love to each other
non-stop as if in a stance

at dawn the spell was broken
by a untimely thunder shower
and we were ashamed to find ourselves
in a tight embrace completely naked

in the morning rays of sun
I am still unable to de-cipher the meaning
of such dreams at such a ripe age
who else can guide me to a perfect solution
other than you

Rajkumar@ Mumbai

by Rajkumar Mukherjee

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it was really great kepp it up 10+++++
Poem has a gentle peace to it