HD (1/20/90 / beloit)

Illuminated Path

Reborn again through the flames of my own desire
The tears of your resentment can’t put out the fire
I can see passed the shadows
I don’t need X-Ray vision
It is quite luminous in my direction,
The darkness behind me is completely forgiven
I take a step further upon hallowed ground
Making ancestors proud walking past the rabid hound
The hound foaming stress keeps on exposing his sharp teeth
What he just couldn’t understand is I am solid beneath
Beneath this soft skin is an unbreakable soul
So he can keep foaming stress but it shall just drip down a hole
When I see you I’ll remember to look past your attitude
If you have nothing to be grateful for be grateful for gratitude

by Sam Edison

Comments (2)

'eyes that feel instead' my fav part. we all would be so much happier if we felt each others hearts with our eyes, instead of seeing what is on the outside. you rock
i like the line'look to the past to see the truth'. its nice verse. otherwise poem is ok-ok.