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To be in your loveing arms forgetting the world
only seeing you
having you hold me forever
to be with you and only you
to be in your loving embrace
to have you pick me up when i fall
for you to be my knight in shining armor
as though this is a fairy tale
and me to be your princess
and you my prince
forgetting my pain when you hold me
for you to be my shoulder to cry on
for you to come running to me when i wake up in pain in the night crying
for you to wrap your arms around me and whisper in my ear everything will be allright
i love you
my heart aches for you
i look up at the night sky wondering if you do too
wondering if you think of me
oh how i ache for your arms around me
oh how the pain hurts
wondering if you will ever come to me
how the pain tears at me
is this a dream?
am i living a dream?
is this true?
for i do not know if this is yet real or yet a dream

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Pablo Neruda

If You Forget Me

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