VG (24/01/1979 / Epsom, East Surrey)


Awaken from my weary sleep, from dreams of fantasies and flight
Although in clarity I dreamt, in memory I tend to loose imageries sight
How I could breathe without air, rise from the ground in levitation
So many questions spoke of me, to me, I answered without hesitation

The delirium of my cross state, between the wake and the binding world
A sense of half belief, that what I saw was true, that in this place I purled
To be an object of magnificence, sometimes a perfected stranger, to myself
Doorways opened, to a fantastic comprehension, no longer a jar upon the shelf

I was mighty in this place, the new blackness which became my home
Where I wasn’t afraid anymore, as a kindred atmosphere was my tome
Rest here I did upon my shores of purification, an alignment of the soul
Pitched my ears in a perfect sound, of what I recognised, to be myself whole

Closed my eyes to find the vision, once more before the curse of awakening
And I remember her face, and I remember my flight, I remember her embracing
I strove to recall her words, in my memories of infinite and self absolutions
For my place of my dreams, are that which forgive those, of all human sensations

Majestic was her grace, as she rose above me in wing, and in blinding light
Her secret voice, orchestral to the ears of the mortal soul, captivated by her sight
For the gift of flight, I willed myself to leave this ground, breaking mortal chains
Undoing the gravity of this place, as I rose to meet her, and reached higher gains

Resting upon the ground again, now the sand of this paradise bay, I kissed her
Felt her face against mine that seemed to be, so real, I feel sense of love forever
Who are you in my fantasies, my unrelenting imagery of my minds translation?
I awaken to my tears that this love, is breaking my heart of a moments, conjuration

Will I ever find you in my living world, or do I wander to your call in my sleep
Drifting between places of your hearts embrace, to awaken in loneliness so deep
Like a never ending concerto, my strings are played to the a singular ensemble
To make you real, I’ll gladly donate my soul, or to walk in loneliness unfathomable

Time has to be for this moment when I can dream again, and taste your lips again
No other seems to be your face; no other seems to be your voice, of passion and pain
That I am granted the mission to chase the demons away and show you the light
Are you spirit? Or an angel trapped in a place that you call me, to release your flight

Could I ever let you go, would I ever see you again, promise you’ll always be there
Or is this the sacrifice I make for the love of you, to let you go and vanish to the air
The agony stings inside my heart, when you kiss my face and taste my tears away
Or can I be left with some salvation, that just maybe? I might find you again someday

by Vision Ghost

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