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My dreams depend on another person staring into a starlight night
His arms wrapped around me holding me close to keep away the fright.
The terrors surround me that he will leave as the clouds fill the night
My fears keep me huddled in such a terrible fright.

He whispers away all the fears in my heart
He whispers to say from me he will never part
He whispers away all the shivering doubt
He whispers to say he's not some kind of lout.

He whispers to say i will hold you so dear
He whispers to say i am holding you near
He whispers away that daunting fear
As he wraps me in love making his light clear.

On you my dreams oh so much depend
I never want my dream to end.
My dream is of us and being together
My dream is of us and it being forever.

So hold me close and never let go.
Hold me close and let your love flow.
Let it wash over me and renew my dream
Let it all come true as i have seen

For you are my dream my hearts delight
You have driven away my biggest fright
I love you, you know deep in my heart
My dream now is that we will never part.

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Mary Elizabeth Frye

Do Not Stand At My Grave And Weep

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and yet again a poem that reaches many a realm of belief......