Dream, Ambition

I long to walk the world
without a single care,
down every street in innocence,
entranced by ordinary miracles —

spring blossoms on the trees,
the dead lead skies'
life-giving rain,

and by the enigmatic street itself,
this trance of street
awaiting every passerby,

each one trailing the mystery:
where have we come from,
where are we, where
are we going?

I'd graze and drink
like an animal
without reflective memory,

and live within the world,
a visitor
on an aesthetic mission —

to contemplate all that I see,
refining, tamping down, until

I'm left with but
an essence — joy.

by Max Reif

Comments (6)

Breathing in and distilling the wonders of the everyday world into oneself is a part of the essence of happiness indeed.... a calming, thought-provoking piece to read - love it Max. t x
I, too, long for those new old streets, wishing to walk down them as well, and find an adventure or to, or a miracle of something unexpected that I just know is waiting there for me...Beautiful essence of joy..Thanks, Max! !
..........................unquestionably poetic.
I agree with you Max. Very well written with a message of undying significance. And though it is supposed to be as simple as caring for nothing, to vacate the mind...it is usually the hardest ambition. ~_~
I like your dream, Max, especially 'refining, tamping down...' and the essence of joy at last. We all need to remember to do that. Raynette
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