Dream Boat (In Memory Of The Man Who Helped Me To See)

Remember that dinner on that dimly lit pier
Lovers entwined under the candle light.
Remember that walk through the dense dark forest
Both of us lost yet feeling so safe.
Remembering is the only thing left to do,
My baby's left me, left me for someone new.

That cute cardigan that loosely lay upon
your fair shoulders always made me smile,
As did your imperfect infectious eyes.
But those eyes have made me realise,
That time can't heal nor distil
My baby's left me and I can't feel.

Once we shared a sex scented bed,
Now I lay alone wishing I was dead.
Last night I dreamnt we were sailing
down a perfectly still stream,
It was crystal clear and yet felt so near.
Your silk like hair was flowing in the wind
Like the young birds first flying wings.
We were happy on that little wooden dream boat
I wish for these dreams to come alive but they don't.

Remember when we laid on the sany golden shore
With sun bleached skin, sipping sangria and fine london gin.
I want to see you dance in the morning breeze,
I'll sell my soul, beg on my knees.
When I sleep our boat is afloat,
Yet when I wake the boat is broke.
Dreams may be the minds twisted take on life,
But at least i feel unotuched by loves cruel knife.
Remember Decembers chilling wind,
when we would sit together by the fire,
Life felt so complete.

Come back and kiss my aching broken body
Release me from dead loves lobby.
I cant compete with the words you no longer say
Nor can I face the thought of facing each day.
A brunette whore, a blonde bore,
thrity pounds and there always back for more.
I am aloft to reality
Our dream boat is slowly sinking into that crystal stream
and all I hear is my own desperate scream.

by Not Long Left

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Such a heart wrenching write. You pulled the reader in for a short trip in your boat. Patricia Gale