JG (22nd March 1989 / Bristol)

Dream Catcher

I’m like a fish in a bowl,
My minds trapped in here,
I live in this fantasy world,
Completely without fear.

Tranquillity flows through my every vein,
I’ve never felt such perfect bliss,
You shot the cupid’s arrow,
And it just refused to miss.

Love’s liquid poured into my heart,
Breaking down every wall I might of built,
I just can’t help myself,
Anything I feel for you must be spilt.

However silly it maybe,
However insane that it might sound,
I still feel close to you,
Even when you’re not around.

You know you have to stop living this dream,
You have to see what things really are,
And that you’re opening up for something
Which isn’t even really there.

But these dream catchers grant my every wish,
Let me hold on to these moments a little longer,
For reality is so ruthless,
So let me think of something fonder.

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