A Dark World

What if the whole world was dark,
there would be no light or no one happy
There would be no fire, not even a spark
and it would be night all the time and world would be creepy.
There would be darkness all around,
and people would always be sleeping,
sleeping sound.
No trees growing or flowers
and happiness will feel very far.
The children would be weeping, wailing and crying all day,
waiting for the sun to run around and play.
No crowing of cocks,
and no drying of my favoutite socks.
No rabbits and no monkeys in action,
And life will become as dreadful as horror fiction.
People are hoping for the sun to rise,
and have a pleasant life, warm and nice
To hear the song of the birds,
so sweet and wonderful
which was long before heard.
This world of darkness is very scary
and makes me shiver,
hope such a world never comes near.

by Daphne Edwin

Comments (60)

The poem poses questions about the aspirations of a people and the consequences that might arise if those dreams and hopes don't come to fruition. It also explains the African Americans plight and gave us a voice
Dreams As Grew older n Mother to Son.Kud soak d inner pulses of d poet, Marvellous Hunt indeed.
these ads holy are you guys poor or homeless?
Why the F**k do you have video ads with NO VOLUME CONTROL? ?
You have to think before you get the meaning. I really like it.
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