Dream Girl

I can't stop thinking about you you're everywhere it seems.
I can't get you off my mind or out of my dreams.
How can I feel something for someone that I don't even know?
As much as I like you, I'm too shy to let my affection show.
The first time I saw you, you took my breath away.
I guess that's why visions of you never left me, it stayed.
I've admired you from a far for your complexion,
But that's just the physical, I want to get to know the inner beauty of you, so we can make a deeper connection.
As corny as this is to you,
This is all I could do.
But even as I write, words are indescribable to the way I feel.
For I wish my dreams of you were all real.
Every night, I see image of your face,
Lines and curves of your nose and lips, I cannot erase.
I am not sure if you are into girls,
But either way i would want you to be part of my world.
I know the way i approached this is somewhat childish,
But it was an opportunity, a chance that I didn't want to miss.
You are the only one I want to woo,
Hoping you'd one day be my baby boo.
This is not some kind of antic,
If you knew me, you'd know i'm a hopeless romantic.
So don't be alarmed,
Cuz i'm not here to do you any harm.
I'm just someone revealing a crush,
Hoping in return I would not get crushed.

[ Secret Admirer]

by Tina Dang

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