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Dream Guy
TAR (8-8-91 / Fresno California)

Dream Guy

Poem By tHeNameLeSs23drea Andrea Rivera

Even though you’re my dream guy
Why is it boys have to make girls cry?

Amazed crazed and oh so dazed that’s how im living right now
But the problem you see is I cant quit it, I don’t know how

Sorry I cant be better 4you im not good enough for you
But just wait and see ill change that’s something I know ill do

So practice what you preach
Until your taught don’t teach

Ill change for you so you change for me
But what I want is for you to change your personality

I gave myself to you
I want you to give your all for me too

I thought we would never be more than what you care to be
Nothing more than an acquaintance, until you want what you see

I want you to show emotion
Have some communication

I don’t know if you regret telling me, if your unsure
I should be happy but I always want more

Wanting you to give me as much love as your girl
But you cant she is your world

But that wont change it remains the same
You avoid me even when I call you by name

Is it all a game to you?
To get your love, to what extremities will I go to

But inside I know you’re a great person
My intense love for you worsens

Growing each time I see you
Growing because everything you do

With every step you take
E very comment you make

I try to be there strengthen the friendship but no reply
I like you but why must you make me cry?

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