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Dream High Follow Up And Follow Through
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Dream High Follow Up And Follow Through

Adorer Chachima, Mrs Afsari Nazim

Dream high it is free
Dreamers and doers made all possible what you see
Once we were in a cave, long ago
We hunted with bow and arrow
Fought with beasts bare handed or with a stick
Night was dark and bleak
We learned to make fire, it was an awesome sight
We cooked, night was dark no more, we had light
Soon one day we ventured out left the cave for good
A new world was born when we planted food
We invented, manufactured just to make life better
We formed languages, communicated thru letter
Electricity, cars, planes, skyscrapers just to name a few
All are born in the mind of dreamers, they made them come true.
We are always searching for another frontier
Probing outer space, distant planets to conquer
We are part of the Force with unlimited wisdom
Best of all creations in God's kingdom
So dream high, follow up and follow through
You can achieve any thing, make up your mind, focus and do.

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