CM (June 1971 / Greater Manchester, UK)

Dream In This Mist

Beyond the portal of pain,
I find a glimmer of light.
Where there is a green beauty,
This is a dreamy sparkle.

Beyond the emerald,
I see a living place for me,
Where I find the joy of my being with me.
Through the sunshine,
I find a sparkle of my youth.

My truth reveals itself.
I find a delightful smile,
It graces my face,
And replaces the tension that lurks beneath.

I find the crimson,
Joining with a glitter of gold.
My clouds lined with silver,
My heart finds a beating tune quite beautiful.

I listen to new music,
Created for me.
I dance with the joy of my being,
Surrounded by the beauty of you,
My friends.

Our travels bring us here,
Where through the signals of our lives,
We found this place.

I give thanks to the joy,
Of this, my joyful dream.
Where I only see the glimmer of my truth,
As it shines on you,
And rests upon and with me.

(Monday,08 October 2007, Bolton, UK)

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