Dream Ku

Somnolent screenplay
rehearsal for waking life -

Thoughts in utero
waiting for delivery
to the outside world

Subconscious scanning
vivid life inside the mind -
Creative planning

by Linda Ori

Comments (10)

It's like another life in there, another world. Like especially the birthing metaphor. Highly compressed, crisp and poetic delivery of these ideas Linda. xx
Very imagistic and well structured. The mind set applies to so many situation where action will follow in due time.
The embers of thought burning slow and in tune with life Thankyou love duncan X
Clever, creative and beautifully crafted. Hugs Anna xxx
Ku-dos for these haiku! I shall certainly raise a mug of can't miss ku-miss to the ku-ragious effort put forth by Ms. Ori. All right, that's enough of the punning around for now. GWG
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