We Miss You Sweety

I really don't know now
I can't explain you how
But in everything dear sis
Your presence is surely missed

Specially your lovely smile
Your excellent ways and styles
That reflects your sincere love
That's a bliss from heaven above

You're bestowed with a precious gift
Of hope that gives an uplift
To all who are stuck in a trial
And doesn't see things to smile

I remember teh days thta're gone
whenever i was down ot torn
I knew I could look at you
As you always shared my views

And today when you're not here
I miss you very much my dear
And pray taht wherever you stay
May you always spread happiness in the way.

by Seema Chowdhury

Comments (23)

its a very good poem! I love it
this reminds me a lot of the poem 'the lady of shallott'.. it is just beautiful
I'm looking at poems of this writer, trying to understand why they fashinate me so much
Dath is over-rated. It's certainly not like sleeping.
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