Dream Of Romantic Love Life All Love!

Poem By Ramesh T A

Going to happen or ever in suspense, dream of love life is
Quite romantic to indulge in imagination and reverie to
To kindle interest in life so as to pull on the days sure
Better than before whether living single or joint family!

Dream of every individual is one's own personal property
One can handle in any manner one likes to materialize in
The course of time the object one cherishes most in life;
Life is living and if it's lived as to dream is heaven!

Wishing too much or practicality depends upon one's own
Personality, wisdom and ambition in the world life ever;
There it becomes a great adventure to take risks so that
One's dream can be successful or just a only forever...!

In anyway, dream of love life, comedy or tragedy, has a
Special place in everyone's heart that loves romance...!

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