Homeless Helping Homeless


there are more homeless dogs than there are
homeless people on the streets.
but a bond is created when the two of them meet
they look out for each other and feel each others pains
and with this unique bond there is so much to gain.

a bond of friendship, a bond of trust between man
and man s best friend- it becomes something that never ends.
many live in hallways, alleyways, cardboard boxes too
because in a shelter they can't take their dogs
so what are they to do.

i have met some homeless who have more heart
than many people that i know
it's a shame when people who have are not willing to give
but a homeless person will show another how to live.

the little change that they make- they split a small cake.
i have met some who have gone into the woods and built a commune
pooled their money together so that they can eat
take a bath or wash their feet.
each one was designated a job to do, and they had to follow through.
one would maintain the campfire- while another one would
try to catch some fish to put on every ones dish.

paper cups and plates was their thing, so they
wouldn't have to wash anything.
the others would go out to the streets and find their
favorite corner, and everything would run in perfect order.

they would stop at a certain time and pick up what was on their list
that they could make over a campfire- this was their goal
this was their desire.
another would pick up something to drink
beer and wine was a treat.

of course not all homeless are as organized as these
many hide in the sticks and weeds, some will go to the shelters
and to the salvation army for food and a place to sleep when it
gets too cold on the streets.


(c) L. RAMS

by louis rams

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