Dream Or Nightmare....?

For the only KAT.

A terrible dream and you woke up in tears,
ow, you hate such dreams,
does that mean that you have had heaviest days,
mentally or you have a constant burden on your mind
and now it has come out in the nasty dream, a terrible dream
is that almost the same as a light nightmare?

Yes, I know, yours is a dream, but one that feels so real that you woke up in tears!

For me is that a nightmare, dear Kat.
I know interpretations are different individuals,
but a dream is never so terrible that you wake up in tears, for me is that a straight nightmare.

We have no light nightmares, I know.
Just my honesty is whispering to me and nothing more.

Indeed a very impressive poem.

Thank you for your loving care and deep concern, dear Kat.
I appreciate that the most and I have respected your company
all the time, all the while, till that insane outsider jumping in our serious conversation, that horrible stranger (no poet and also no gentleman, a backstreet resided loner perhaps)

deriving from his many bad fake ID's, he was the only plagiarist who kept blaming other brilliant poets as plagiarists,
and the more, he is now old and he keeps chasing young newcomers with many talents so that they become afraid and go from the cozy poem site.

Dear KAT, my closest friends told me that he is also on FB and the more best poem sites. What can we see instantly? His brutal behavior and wrong idioms in his "speech".

I will not spend too much time on this spill-over, sorry for my phrase and rather a monotonous tone, but he is ashamed that he comes from London and does not speak Oxford English, I reckon end after all he is not a poet, he only makes a big mess of the best intentions words intend to have.
Thank you once again for that time being a caring company for me.
Amazingly done, my poet friend! God's Rich Blessings in Abundance for you and your beloved ones. As ever sincerest, Sylvia.

© Sylvia Frances Chan
Copyright Protected

Wednesday the 17th of January 2018.
@ 7.39 hrs. A.M. West-European Time
Photography by Sylvia Frances Chan: "Full MOON night, izzit Dream time? "

by Sylvia Frances Chan

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