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Dream Pills
(04 October 1943 / Germany)

Dream Pills

As is my custom I will always try
the remedies I now and then suggest
to patients, (some of whom ask why)
the one or other potion might be best.

So, long into the rationale of one small pill
its name is pyridoxine, and it is a vitamin.
This molecule is very crafty and it often will
restore one's dreaming and improve one's skin.

So I proceeded to ingest just before bed
the wonder substance in a hefty dose.
And soon, in fairyland a little spirit led
a boy through meadows of pink poetry and prose.

The spirit left me at a bench made from old pear,
where seated was a lovely maiden from days gone.
A smile peeked through the curtain of silk hair
she said the words, I'm listening, please go on.

We talked for years which turned to decades in a flash,
just sitting holding hands and taking turns,
and once she leaned to place a little kiss on my mustache
and in the end we made bouquets from leafy ferns.

I woke and wandered off as in a daze,
the power in that vitamin was something to behold.
I often think about us sitting in that haze,
and listen to her heart, a heart of gold.

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Thanks, Theo. I was more making a point about what the taking of the vitamin unearthed than to push the supplement. 50 mg of B6 is really nothing and you would note very loittle beneficial effect. Today, it is just about impossible to get the nutrients you need through even the best, most thought out diet. People who supplement live longer and better, trust me. B6 is one of the water soluble ones that one can get too much of, in general a fair therapeutic dose is 100 mg three times a day with meals.It all depends on what you want to accomplish. Specific to B6 is an illness called carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) . One can cure (!) CTS in about 90 % of people within a few weeks through B6. And one can cure many ills through the power of a little love. Best H