LO (08/13/1945 / UTAH)

Dream Rush

Speeding with incredible force
Through a mirrored tube
Toward a saphire crystal source,
It takes my breath away;

Supine body gliding slick
By silver bands encased,
On a journey lightning quick
Impossible to move;

Gasping for a breath or air
My face is taught and drawn,
The wind goes ripping through my hair
My mouth is frozen stiff;

Wondering if this is a dream
My God! It seems so real,
Will someone hear me if I scream?
Please get me off this ride!

Instantly my mind awakes
Familiar things I see,
Every muscle in me aches
My heart is racing still;

Question - Am I still alive?
My body's stiff and sore,
Was 'someone' whisking my away?
I'm terrified inside;

Years ago this dream occurred
And still it haunts me so,
Yes, I know it sounds absurd
But real? I'll never know.

by Linda Ori

Comments (7)

Lots of poetic and precise detail in this which portrays vividly the dream scenario. Isn't the subconscious magnificently creative, and convincing, as a result of its use of all of our emotional equipment? One great poem follows another here Linda! ! xx
Dreams transcend reality and need poetry to explain how. You got it done.
meet you there someday...since we wrote poems about it surely we are on the hit list! ! ! ...till then lets be happy our minds meet...love...nalini
ANOTHER FAV THEME OF MINE, SO WELL DELIVERED W/ TYPICAL ORIESQUE ARTISAN QUALITY...7, , , DO I HEAR 8? ...8! ...DO I HERE 9? ...NNNO! .... NOOO? ! ....NNNNNNOOOO! ! ! . THATS BECAUSE I ALREADY HEARD 10, AFTER THE 8 CALL! GREAT WRITE.. ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''~F. J. R.~''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''
sounds like a roller coaster ride I was once on. dan
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