He Never Forgets

She said it was fate, it was great, and he knew she was right
Just two people, ships passing at night-but she turned on her lights,
And he stayed with her long enough to know that he loved her
Somehow he knows he can't keep her, but he keeps her letters
And her picture to remind him of her, but he doesn't need a picture
Because he's got his dreams and that's better
When he's away from her he spends all his time thinking of her
He's not looking back yet, still looking ahead toward
Whenever they can be together forever, now it's 2 years later-fast forward
She stares at him, eyes shining blue, bore through to his soul
And he knows if she goes it's gonna leave a hole
And destroy him inside, he can't hide what he feels, but he tries
But she's got her own show, he's not in it though, and he don't know why
Or what to do now? She says 'Live your life, ' It's the last time they talk
So what can he do, it's not up to him (so he thinks) , so he walks.
And he never talks about how it went down-and the sound
Of the quiet inside his head drives him mad, he burns down
To the ground and there's maybe no answers, not that it matters
Cause it's over, but he still misses her so bad and wishes he could be with her
It never changes, the thing that is strange is, time freezes-
and sure...
He moves on and goes places, but a million new faces can't replace the traces
Of the memory that stays there, and plays there, and the shame is
She never did care like he did, if she felt like that too, he wouldn't be blue,
And she'd be with him, here with him to share with him all he's been through
So what else can he say, no one else can he blame, regret makes him tired
No one cares anyway.
So he pays-and it seems like forever, it's always the same, he's a liar
He's not 'All good, ' it's not 'all fine, ' he'll always remember that time and die
Still wondering why

by Paul Jonathan Stertz

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