A Fly

Just a fly on the wall
watching this small world go by
trapped in this house
it sees the door open
it flies as fast as it can
but that is not that fast
for its wings have been
bent and broken
and never quiet healed
just as it reaches it
the door slams shut
second before it could have reached freedom
so close but yet so far
the fly returns to the wall
sitting and watching
mostly unnoticed
when it is noticed
they either ignore it
or try to kill it
not one of them has tried to set it free
there is one that has tried to capture it
in a small little glass jar
that one once succeeded
almost driving the fly over the edge
being stuck in a 5 by 5 glass jar
but it escaped
it moved back into the larger prison
moved back to its place on the wall
and there the fly will remain until
for I am that fly
there I stay with my undying eyes
watching this world fly by
one day
one person will let it fly free
either that or I will have to wait until my wings fully heal
and then I shall fly free from this prison

by Scarlet .....

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