NK (December 25,1991 / Lake Elsinore)

Dream Stalker

Can't You Here Me Here?
Can't You See Me There?
Don't You Feel my Presence?
Standing by The Stairs.

You Can't See Me,
In The Dark.
Switch on The Light,
Watch it Spark.

As You See Me,
In That Flash,
Your Mind Will Percieve it,
Not a Match.

You Feel My Steps,
You Hear The Shuffle.
Don't Jump Like That,
I Don't Like Your Fumble.

Now I'm Close,
Can't You See Me?
I Am That Close,
Can't You Feel Me?

My Arm Slides Up.
Now at Your Throat,
A Cold Glass Cup.

A Chuckle-a Laugh,
What is The Difference?
That is The Sound,
You Hear in The Distance.

You Wake up,
Sit up,
Walk to The Stairs.
There I Am,
Listening to Your Prayers.

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Yeah! ! ! Very nice...I was thinking more homicidal thoughts though...but that's just me. Later...