Self Discovery

I was young when I went off
to find myself, without you
to find myself

What I found was a boy
without love, all alone
all by himself

It was too late to turn back
I believe, and if I could've
you know I would've

Just what I learned was to love
people back, the ones who care
the ones who share

When I drive by our old home
I could cry, times we've had
the things we've shared

And in the end nothing's found
that wasn't already there
down deep inside
there was Love...

I found Myself.

by Vincent LeVine

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i read this 100 times in the last minute
What a great poem
feeling like a a complete jerk you dont have to tell me how mad you are because why would do something like that not i am misified
This was the first Black Poem I learned in kindergarten. I recited it on stage at my first program♡
Great poem
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