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Dream World's Sweet
AF ( / Los Angels)

Dream World's Sweet

Poem By Aiden Florence

When your world falls down
Open this chocolate door
This is my fanatasy world
I welcome you with my heart

When the night falls
Let's walk down the milky pass
Go up to the ice cream clouds
And watch candy stars fall from the sky

When the night ends
We'll see the melon sun
Rise up in the sky
Filled with an ocean of grapes

When our time is up
Let's walk up the banana stairs
The peachy doors of heaven
Will welcome us inside

When you're ready to leave this place
Take me with you to your world
There won't be any sweet dreams
But I can make up for all that
Everyday and night

When we come together
I'll love you forever
Be the sweetest thing ever
If that can keep you merry

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Comments (2)

Its sweet, and not just cus it mentions a tun of candy. I like it.: ]
This is great. You made me want to go eat some candy.10+