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Words of a dreamer,
They mystify,
Always intensify,
Step by step,
Process built, devoured by completion.
Energetic by all means,
Seeds of future generations,
Push on! ! !
Marked us as X! !
But were the exception to that rule,
A generation of love,
By no means have we conformed.
Yet we understand,
Plan by plan,
New dreams of a dreamer are born,
Devoured past sins,
Aggression displaced within society,
Yet dreamers dream of change.
Exchange of power to the masses,
Liberation from narcotics,
New found freedom undiscovered in this world.
A dreamer dream,
Yet he suffers in his unfound illusion,
Yet he rises,
For dreams never die,
Attach to new homes,
Steadily groom,
To complete a dreamers dream.

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