Dreamer Man

Poem By dino evans

If we met by chance, on some warm and windy day
Would you still remember me? As you went on your way
Would you still recall my face, or would you walk on by
Could you notice silent tears, descending from my eyes
To think you wouldn't notice me, and know me from the start
Might rip away my dreams, I fear the breaking of my heart
Passing me without a glance, and I knowing that you
Would force me into sorrow, as I watch the avenue

And though you look at me sometimes, you don't know my name
What has caused creation of this cruel, heartbreaking game
To stand here in my window, days, and years of time have passed
I've stared upon the life you live, no memories that last
In rain, and winter's wind, I have watched you walk along
I stand, bathed in artificial light, where I belong
No word from you, no joy, no smiles there in your heart
It seems that windows keep us close and yet, so far apart

I know you think of love sometimes, but never that of me
To you I seem as nothing, as for myself, I will agree
But knowing what I do, I think of love in my own way
The love of life, and freedom, from this hardened heart they've made
It saddens you to think about the loves that you have crossed
Myself, I have no sadness, having no love I have lost
These windows keep me in, but they hold me out as well
Outside the world passes by, how long? .. no way to tell

You travel through your world, but I live within myself
Isolated as I am, from items on a shelf
You look my way without a thought, at strange unmoving eyes
Then look away, to far above, and the clearing summer skies
But I see only you, and it is you that I may love
Not knowing what the meaning, not advised in concept of
It seems to me, as I look out upon the avenue
Those who love, are saddened, by the kind of love I view

Winters come, and summers pass, the autumn leaves will fall
I desire once, to close my eyes, a witness to it all
I've seen you pass a thousand times, I, still unknown to you
Alas! emotion lost to me, my thoughts I know, untrue
Perhaps someday you'll notice me, with someone else in mind
And enter my transparency, to make the choice you'll find
I'll watch you walk away once more, and I, the mannequin
Shall pack away my hopes, and dreams, to be a man, again.......

Comments about Dreamer Man

This is an excellent piece - and the last line really made an impact. Amazing how you can put so much emotions and make them alive into images. Excellent!

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