Dreamer's Dream

A dream is a dream
But a dream may not be as it should seem
For this dream that I dreamt
Showed more than flashing pictures
But a meaning of good and bad
Or happy and sad

This dream that dreamers dream

My dream was that but not as I thought
This dream that would make me happy
It made me cry
Awakened from the night
I wept to the sorrow
Of what seemed so real
I thought you had died.

This dream I dremnt it made me cry as I realised that you and i
We are one and if you die then so do i

This dream, that dreamers dream
It seemed to be not what I would seem
But made me scream, my heart had broke and then I awoke
Lying next to me was you
The tears did fall
And I through you

I held onto you tight that weary night
There was not much else but a mind full of fright
You awake from your sleep and kissed me goodnight.
I went to sleep, left of all my fright
Like a dove that’s stuck in mid flight.

by Lau Jane

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