Breathe Deep The Midnight Air

Poem By John Rickell

Dreamers are in the house of God
Seers, who in due season
Will speak of things that yet seem odd
God but knows the reason

Some churches doubt God’s humble seer
Yet times will come and then
The Lord will make things crystal clear
His flock won’t doubt again

God’s Liquid Light will surely rise
Revealing what will be
Visions will open childlike eyes
Dreamers the truth will see

God’s secrets to the bride will clear
She’ll cease to wonder why
The day of Christ is all too near
And still His children die

So that the blind may find the Door
The lost receive life’s Seal
The dreamer’s visions gone before
Will soon become quite real

God wrote the scrolls, the times ahead
He knows who’ll heed the call
Power He gives to raise the dead
Strength to raise who fall

God gives us dreams, to give them out
The bride of Christ should thrive
There’ll be no room for foolish doubt
True faith will come alive

The truth is strange at first it seems
To those not on their knees
So don’t despise, the dreamer’s dreams
Nor sights God’s seer sees.

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TRUR FAITH WILL COME ALIVE such a wonder ful poem you have written. great work my friend.

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