HG ( / Sheffield, England)

Dreamfilled Journey

A lifeless form surrenders,
to sleeps unyeilding tug.
Dragging, slowly dragging to the dark.
A calming wave of numbness,
works from head to toe.
Sleepfilled, dreamy journey to embark.
Eyelids flicker quickly,
as dreamstate takes it's grip.
And fantasies of life come clear and stark.
Scene's play out in full colour,
in the imaginary field.
As dreams become our life's amusement park.
Body rests in slumber,
breathing in and out.
Flinching at stray sounds to which it harks.
The restful relaxation,
comes abruptly to an end.
As sleep ceases by alarm or by the Lark.

Heath Gunn

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A wonderful and truly dreamy poem.Sleeping reality very well expressed in words. Best wishes. A.