Poem By Mandi Meyer

Drifting through the rainbow sands
The gem-colored grains slip through my hands.
I fly up high above the ground
And look at this beautiful realm with no sound.
Crystal pillars to the right
Just inside my line of sight.
I turned around to look behind me
And was amazed by what I could see.
A sapphire castle that reached the sky
Towards it I begin to fly.
Coming closer I now spied
A crystal garden to the side.
A beautiful lady emerged as I touched down
Dressed in an equally beautiful gown.
Her gown was a blue so light
It could almost be mistaken for white.
Her hair was the darkest black
And cascaded in curls down past her back.
Her eyes were a vivid blue
That matched the castle’s hue.
She held out a pendant of jade
But then the world began to fade.
As it once again came clear
I found I was back here.
In bed alone with my thoughts
And the peace my dream had wrought.

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Broken down, cold and lonely.
Can't you see you are the only
One who makes me feel this way,
Like I can face another day.


Left alone I'm crying here,
No one sees me dying here.
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It's this or it's that but I really don't care.
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You're the only one I need to make me feel that I'm alive,
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Crushed beneath my shattered dreams
How cold and hurtful the world now seems.
With broken wings I cannot fly,
But without hope I'd rather die.


I've opened myself so much to you
But you still can't see what I need you to.
You still can't tell when I'm in pain
Unless it's so perfectly, obviously plain.