Poem By Michael DeVries

The stars and the bright, steady moonrise
I see reflected in the calm lake and her eyes
Feeling the warmth of her body next to mine
as we lie close, watching the starlit skyline
We see shooting stars blaze through the night
mirrored with the horizon, setting the sky alight
I know no greater contentment than this
as I lean in for another soft kiss

But, no, my body is suddenly cold
and my heart sinks at what I behold
‘twas a dream, for in truth I lie here alone
silently staring into the unknown
and against my leg my phone feels as if it’s burning
I feel it there, my entreaties constantly spurning
and I uselessly hope that some moment you’ll call
for without you here this night lies under a pall.

I haven’t felt a real kiss in so long
one where you can’t help but feel you belong
As those smooth lips brush up against mine
I feel something the most stoic could not deny
The feel of her fingertips brushing my skin
ignites in me a passion as my head starts to spin
But it seems that tonight this ache will only prolong.
for I shall still not have felt that real kiss in so long.

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