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The Man And The Beast

Without any rebellion
and without a great bleating
did the lamb
lie down,
before it was slaughtered.

It died in peace
with the world
and in a moment
was gone.

The cousin
(who wasn’t from the farm) ,
cried and tears
ran down his cheeks.

“You killers!
You killed the poor beast!
May God have mercy,
on you! ” He screamed,
but ate the meat
at the afternoon’s braai.

a Round stone
flew from a kettie
whipped with speed
and raced to its flying target.

The dove did not even
flinch her wings
and stopped in flight,
came tumbling down.

“What a shot! ” called the cousin
from town
and tried in vain
to shoot birds down
from the sky.

Long ago
a man was baptised
and when he
came out of the water,
a dove was seen
and the world was at peace
and God rejoiced
in his Son.

On a day that all
the universe was stunned,
a man was taken
to a cross
and simply crucified.

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really enjoyed this. the girl you talk about in it is lucky.
a good poem hunny. A nice title aswell.
i just love the title 'dreaming awake'...the image, combined with the great imagery of the poem, makes the entire thing flow together