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Dreaming Big

Dreaming Big

I dreamed BIG and never dream to be SMALL
How can I become BIG?
When I don’t show respect to elderly one
When I don’t celebrate or associate with children
When I don’t appreciate the well done of others
When I don’t listen to what people say; but always
want to talk
When am not laughing, as am expected to laugh
When I feel too BIG to ask, as am in a needy period
When I neglect the less privilege without showing any
sign of sympathy
When I don’t give chances for others to excel or grow
When I do and overdo things

And there is one thing I notice in human; if you are
one of those who disregard or disrespect his/her BOSS
or LEADER. Well this mostly happen when we observe
that our BOSS at work is younger than us. Instead of
us to foster his/her leadership, we intend to
criticize him/her with is doing, saying all irrelevant
thought about them.

With this kind of attitudes; anybody hoping to become
a leader will never get there and even if he/she get
there they will never know how to carry on with their
followers, but to continue to mislead till they fall
and never regain.

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