Dreaming Of The Kentucky Derby

On a pleasant May day perfect for the racing events
The Churchill downs of Kentucky proudly presents
The finest champion thoroughbreds of all time
With forthcoming foals of champion bloodline
Attention please, the speaker was saying "We have an honored guest"
A lone horse with "Jerry Bailey" in the saddle by request
Yes, we have your favorite star
The famous champion "cigar"
The crowd became estatic, cheering as the judges gave an award
A bronze replica of the wonder horse with gold letters "cigar"
By this time the music began to play, all stood still to hear
My old Kentucky home they love to so dear
The jockeys suits of outstanding vivid colors as they rode
Their mounts to the post
Matched the bright ensembles of the enthusiastic hosts
Oh! There is number eight, he does not want to cooperate
Number nine like most is in his prime
Ok now they are all in line
Their off oh no, cigar want to go
He doesn't know he was only there for show
Number eight that was slow to go to the gate
He is now by the side rail
Only two horses does he trail
He is coming down the stretch fast
Yes one of the horses he did pass
The crowd is on their feet he won fair and square
A little elderly man with a hearing aid said "Who was he that rode into victory?"
Sir, it was pulpit that won the race
And Captain Budgit came in second place
And Concerto was in third today
When I awake I hope it's true
About the Kentucky Derby as I told to you.
Now that the race has been run
There was laughter, chatting and fun
And the celebrating has just begun
The horse owners, jockeys, trainers and their families
All met in the diner, ordering drinks to their families
The happy people were dancing to rock, pop and who knows what
And when they settled down they talked about racing a lot
Questions and suggestions, like- Was Pulpit really that hot?
Will Cigar run again or was he just for show?
We will ask Allen Paulson- He knows
What about Thesaurus- he won four races on turf- Wow!
He is ready for big time and he is ready now
My goodness, what time can it be?
I slept too long
I enjoyed every minute of my dream, is that so wrong?

by Jeannette V. Steiner

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