Dreaming Paralells

Poem By Sam D xxooxxoo

The spotlights are on
Blue, yellow, purple, red
Every color of the rainbow
All on me

I’m dancing
And everyone is applauding
Just for me

Roses are on the stage
From all the people in the audience
But the one that catches my eye
Is the one with a note

I look up to see
The secret one who threw it
I see his mask
Of gold, black and red

A crisp, black suit with tails, top hat
The whole nine yards
He looks ready to go
To a masquerade ball

I look down and see myself
In a gown with diamonds sparkling
On red silk with gold flowers down the side
I feel my face and find a mask

I turn to look for a mirror
And there is one right behind me
I look at myself and I can’t believe
That I’m staring at myself and not someone else

I turn back to see where you are
And I can’t find you
You have disappeared in the midst of all the other people
I push and shove
Trying not to hurt anyone
Yet get through as fast as I can

I’m looking and searching
So frantic that I thought I had lost you
That I will never see you again
And I don’t know what I would do

I catch sight of you
And so many mixed emotions
Are running through my head
Like the blood that runs through my veins

You have a smile on your face
And I realize your teeth are perfect
And your dimples so small
Yet so perfect and I want to see them
Till the day I die and not a day less

You’re still in your suit
With the mask you had before
And a rose in your hand
With something on it yet again

It’s sparkling under the light from the chandelier
That looks as if it was made of diamonds
Made from the heavens above
And I look closer and see it’s something
I have been waiting and yearning for
All my life

The beloved ring of engagement
I don’t know you but the mask is gone when I look up
Everyone else’s masks are still on
And I reach up to touch my face and mine is gone too

You bend down and don’t even have to say the words
My head is shaking up and down
With tears of blue falling down my face
You reach up and wipe them and put the ring on my finger

Everyone that was in the room before is now gone
It’s just you and I and yet again
I’m wearing a different outfit
This time it’s a blue dress with butterflies down the side

I feel like I’m a princess in a fairytale
Like the modern day Cinderella
Or beauty in beauty in the beast
Maybe even Aurora in sleeping beauty

You sweep me into your arms in one swift movement
And our lips meet for the first time
But it seems as if I was meeting you for the first time
Or when I was on the stage with all light on me

You let go and the sweet taste of your lips is still there
I can still smell the musky cologne
And it makes me drunk
And I feel like I’m on cloud nine

You take me in your arm again
So muscular, strong and safe
And my heart starts to race
Like I’m running in a race
Faster and faster
And I’m running for my life

We are spinning and spinning
Our feet are moving and our lips are still
Not saying a word
Yet we are conversing through body language
And the way we look at each other
And smile and hold each other tightly

The spinning stops and I see rows of people
My parents are in the front row
I see his parents like I have known them
For all my life yet I have never met them

My outfit has changed and now
I’m in a wedding gown
That looks like it was made of angel’s wings
Sewn to make my dream dress

Diamonds sparkling and dazzling
Behind us fire works are going off
Just for us like they were meant to be there
From the time we were born till that day

Like it was anticipated
From the heavens above
And they were making it memorable
For the people they made it for

The priest says the words
That seals the deal
And as you reach to pull me in
And make me your wife by kissing me

You fall and so does everything else
Except me and now I’m in a tattered dress
Made out of a potato sack
I am so dirty it would be like I had a mud bath

I turn around
And see people behind me and your face is there
And you’re smiling at me
Like nothing had happened
And you had just laid you eyes on me
For the very first time like before

I hear someone calling my name
And I look around and see devils
Demons, ghosts, and skeletons
Torches in hand as well as clubs

I look for a place to run
I’m desperate to find a place safe
So we can be together but you’re gone again
And I have no place to run

As I lay in bed I jolt up
Sweat pouring down my face
Panic stricken and shaking
Like I had just been kidnapped

You’re sitting on my bed and I don’t know that to think
Are you real or are you going to disappear
Like every other time
When I tried to be near your side

I tell you to go away
Scream like I have gone insane
Or have lost my memory and can’t remember you
You look at me confused

You come closer and I get more scared
That I will be taken away from you
And have to search again
For the only other soul on this earth
That I know I have fallen in love with

You come closer and your touch is warm and I know it’s real
I’m safe, your safe, no more masquerade ball,
Spinning room, wedding, or hell.
We are home and safe from everything

I go and lay in your arms
And cry tears of happiness and fear
You hold me like nothing had changed
And I hadn’t treated you like that

I know this is where I belong
And I don’t want to leave
And I want to die with you
By my side
Our hands laced together
For eternity
And we will never leave each others side

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