MH ( / Bronx, NY, USA)

Dreaming Visions

As I laid my head down I see this vision
of this Little Town, I see myself floating on this
Cloud and I hear voices spoken softly and angels
singing his praises Loud.
I knew that I was indeed home, because
in this vision I saw family who has been gone so
long. This was my roots from where I start
these people hold special places in my heart.
Some have passed away so very long
Some I can't remember because I was too young.
I tried to wake myself from this dream,
But as I kept dreaming I see a vision of this stream.
The water was running so Bright and deep Blue,
why I have this vision of the stream I can't tell you.
I could feel the Breeze blowing through my hair.
The breeze felt so peaceful I had no worries
not even a care.
I somehow knew this Dream must come to
an end. As I turn around and Look over
on this cloud, I see my loved ones and dear friend.

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