Dreamkeeper And Night Mare

Poem By Angel of Darkness

Im the dream keeper.
With eyes that are gold.
I bring you comfort
When the nights grow cold.

Im the dream keeper.
My dreams are all good.
Nothing will scare you
Or eat you as food.

Im the dream keeper.
I come while you sleep.
I give you the dreams
While you sleep so deep.

Im the dream keeper.
I fly in the night,
Bringing you the dreams
Filled with joy and light.

Im the dream keeper.
Forever Ill be
The giver of peace
And tranquility.

~The Night Mare~

I am the night mare,
With eyes that are red.
My form is a horse,
My own soul is dead.

I am the night mare,
My color is black.
I carry bad dreams,
Theyre all on my back.

I am the night mare,
Betrayed by my blood,
And now bring bad dreams
From the haunted wood.

I am the night mare,
I fly in the night.
I carry bad dreams
That cause fear and fright.

I am the night mare,
Forever Ill be
Known as a curse, and
A curse I will be.

Comments about Dreamkeeper And Night Mare

Angel...This was very well written...I like the two foes being represented like this. I hope that your dream keeper wins out for you.: -) Hugs, Dee

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