Letting Go Of Jimmy

Teach me to let go
Let you fly away
Do your own thing
Find your love

I used to think we'd have a chance
To be something
But as things turned out
That will never happen

I'm dying inside
Actually feel my heart breaking
Caught between a rock and a hard place
When it comes to letting you be

I am your friend
I was once your lover
But now, I'm just your friend
I guess i have to get used to that

Unanswred questions fly through my head
How can I be your friend,
A really good friend to you
When I still love you?

Feeling the way I do
Leaves me no choice
But to just be there for you
As a good friend always should

So when you move ahead
And i'm still at the starting line
Just know I will forever be there for you

by Ms. Fernandez

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Comments (11)

Motherly love, affections and the myth of a fleeting dream.... so beautifully expressed. The rhyme, rhythm and meter almost perfect.
A very heartfelt and expressive piece evoking the internal reception of love in an evocative way.
A heart whence warm affections flow, Creator, thou hast given to me, And am I only thus to know How sweet the joys of love would be? A sweet poem full of joy and warmth of love. Enjoyed reading it.
There is a wide difference between dream and reality. Loved the poem for its flow and concept.
we all dream of things of what we desire and then wake up to the reality of life's quagmire? ....a beautifully written poem.
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