'Creating Karma'

Karma isn't always that easy for one to achieve,
Hoping that you'll come back again in another life to right,
Pulling it out from what is not humanly seen.

Following the rules to good karma,
Of patience, humility, and love,
All coming from a higher power,
Surrounded by its spiritual light from above.

Meditation, self sacrifice, fasting to become,
Something more empowered perhaps
From that deeper place called karma love.

by Linda Winchell

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awww... this poem is really cute... louie i know its hard t owatch him be with holly... and i know you still like him... but if you really 'like' or even love 'him'... then maybe just maybe... he is worth waiting for... but i also want you to think about this... is he really worth waiting for if all he's gonna do is put you through pain by watching him date her again? ? ? i know it was partly my fault and i really hate myself for that... but i realized after the fact that your are the more important friend and i made a stupid mistake... i'll always be here for you to talk to if you need me... never forget that! ! ! ;) love you girl no matter what *.: LeeAnn R. Jones: .*