My dreams are filled
with consant reminders of you.
They fill my head to the point
where I don't know what to do.

I wake in the morning
and sit and cry.
I hate going to sleep now
and it's hard explaining why.

I love the good memories
that we once had.
But now my dreams
just remind me of the bad.

When I sleep
and I see your face,
it's like all the bad memories
just get erased.

But when i realize
that is was just a dream,
all i do
is want to scream.

My dreams just remind me
of what once use to be.
But now all I want
is for me to be free.

No more reminders
of your cute little smile.
And no more reminders
of how it was all worth while.

All I want
is just to be free.
Or I'll just have to wait,
until one day, you're with me.

by Louie Thompson

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awww... this poem is really cute... louie i know its hard t owatch him be with holly... and i know you still like him... but if you really 'like' or even love 'him'... then maybe just maybe... he is worth waiting for... but i also want you to think about this... is he really worth waiting for if all he's gonna do is put you through pain by watching him date her again? ? ? i know it was partly my fault and i really hate myself for that... but i realized after the fact that your are the more important friend and i made a stupid mistake... i'll always be here for you to talk to if you need me... never forget that! ! ! ;) love you girl no matter what *.: LeeAnn R. Jones: .*