HD (22/10/84 / Oxford(UK))


At night I lay upon my bed
Trying to clear all thoughts from my head.
As I start to drift away
It's now time for dreams to come into play.

Dreams come in all forms and disguises
And sometimes can be full of surprises.
Dreams are the minds way of being able to deal
To sort things out in order to help you heal.

Dreams don't always make a lot of sense
And some can be really intense.
Dreams can help you to make a decision
To reach a conclusion with some precision.

Dreams can take you back to places
Remind you of old, familiar faces.
Sometimes dreams can seem so real
You are not sure what to think or feel.

Dreams can take you far away
To a land of make-believe, where demon's are kept at bay.
Dreams are a place where you can be free
To express yourself where no one else can see.

Some dreams can see really bad
To wake up from these ones, it makes you glad.
Cause at least you know you're safe in your bed
That dreams are just images stored in your head.

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