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I so look forward to my comfy bed at night
Nesting in quilts 'n pillows of soft down
As aimless as when a leaf takes flight
In dreams who shall I be tonight?
A prince, a knight a clown?

Perhaps a snake, a bird or wild beast
To fly or run with free unbridled will
Be the greatest of all creatures or the least
From sweet wines of sleep I’ll drink my fill

This eve my spirit sheds this earthly form
To soar above the earth so high above
Such daring feats of aerobatics I'll perform
With joy 'n feelings of great love

Today all things to do must all get done
Tonight...it may be a journey to the sun!


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Comments (5)

I'm looking so much more forward to sleeping tonight! Good night and sweet dreams!
ray i like this poem alot
And the reader can close their eyes and join in on this wonderful feeling.You have shown much tallent in this.Love Duncan
This is lovely! Tonight I want to dream of love I think! Nothing too adventurous jsut comfy lol! Moyax
A great poem, Ray, flows delightfully, and is a super read. Really enjoyed it. Thanks. Love Enestine XXX