Poem By Jesse Tampa

I wonder what other people dream about when they fall asleep
I would have no idea, because in their heads is where they keep
Their dreams, their goals, or hearts or souls
What keeps them alive and feeling whole

I am done wondering what other people dream about
I am going to tell you, and let my mind out
I dream about being a fancy millionaire
I dream about money enough not to even care

I dream of burning 100,000 dollars in a fire place like it's nothing
These dreams are dumb and amount to nothing
What's the point of dreaming in a fantasy life?
All I really want is some kids and a wife

All I really need is motivation and water
I'm a real true punk, and a real true squatter
My real dream is to not be so empty inside
My wish now is to throw my heart out, so it can't hide

That's the difference between fake and real
I dream to have a heart that knows how to feel


Comments about Dreams

Hey Jesse - That's the best dream of all 'not to be so empty inside', and I'm sure you'll keep filling yourself up! read my 'If I should lose my soul' sometime, I think you'll like it. Best wishes - cheryl

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