CH (26 April 1967 / Redlands-California)


You are chasing me throughout my dreams
you are running hard and fast
I toss and turn all night long
telling you to leave it in the past

You make me very angry
you always get your way
Life isn't that easy
everything is astray

You needn't worry 'bout me no more
its time that I begin
You cause me alot of pain and sorrow
I'm on my own...again

Its time that I am free
away from all this mess
You're running in my dreams again
and taking less and less

I see you in my dreams
you are chasing me
What is it that you want?
Why can't you let me be?

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Comments (2)

Who is this one about? ? ? I like it.
Christine, Sounds more like a nightmare. Nice write. Ray