Poem By Khalid Mansour Saleh

Dream like you’ve never dreamt before
Because we are the young ones
Packed with hope and ambition
So pack your case and leave the station

Kiss me to make me feel alive
Hug me so I feel your soul
Lie with me tonight
So together we may dream into the light

The youth of today we may blame for so much
But please do not take our dreams
We live for the future and forget the past
So let’s live the dream and hope it will always last.

Tonight today tomorrow, or even a week
We have the right to freedom
We have the right to live
We dream together we live together
We are one, and together we can become anything
Don’t hold us up, we are not puppets, we do not need this string.

Children may roam free in the sun
While others hide and watch the world go round
We are who we are, we should not be judged or judge others
So take the faith, and walk through the door
And dream like you’ve never dreamt before.

Comments about Dreams

WOW.. this is soo deep and i love this idea...... i love the Rhymes at the end.. they reveal a lot of emptiness in the persona. really like it

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